How We Digitally Transform Your Business For 2020 & Beyond

“Change is the only constant” – Heraclitus’ words couldn’t have been more true than that in the case of the digital world. Live proof of this is Digital Transformation. Thanks to the rapidly evolving digital technologies, relevant updates to business are a necessity considering that all trades are looking ahead to set their foothold in the digital world.

With the targeted audience for all genres of trade leaning heavily towards the internet, this is an important move. Then again, the creation of a digital presence does not end the tale, it is but the beginning of it.

Business owners need to implement such alterations at a regular interval. That is what the basics of digital transformation comprise of. As for the rest of how, when, why, where, what is digital transformation strategy- take a look!

Presenting “Digital Transformation Strategy 2020”

The pace of digital transformation varies vastly considering that it skyrockets at times, and at other times, merely, molasses. The direction of the trend-vectors is also unpredictable. However, it is here that various companies falter – they fail to understand this movement of the trends for digital transformation. For the ones who do, here are a few numbers showcasing some of some businesses –

  • 70% of brands have already banked on a digital transformation strategy or are working on one.
  • The direct investment in the digital transformation industry is boosting at a CAGR of 17.5% from the year 2020 to 2023.
  • An estimated 97% of IT decision-makers are getting involved in various initiatives for digital transformation, irrespective of the brand that they are associated with.

The popularity of the transformation in the digital format is well reflected in these numbers. Needless to say, the benefits earned from the process are substantial, thereby the increased usage of these processes.

This brings us to the various aspects of the digital transformation process that would help them kickstart this process. Such informed decision-making ensures the complete success of the process. So, hop on to the train, get reading, and opt for some digital transformation consulting!


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